7 Bow Nail Arts Ideas For 2021

bow nail art ideas

Bow nail arts are adorable nail designs for all seasons. This nail art design is versatile and there are tons of styles you can get, from cute and simple to bold and classy. The world of nail art has become even more creative and innovative than before, there are countless chic and cool design to try depending on the style you are looking for.

One of the hottest and coolest nail arts worth trying this 2021 is painting a bow on your hands. However designing this bows are not as easy as they seem but whether you plan to DIY at home or take it to a technician, the beauty of it is always worth it.

You have to be an expert to design bow nail art but not to worry, with practice you can achieve a cool bow nail art yourself.

7 Bow Nail Arts Ideas For 2021

The regular natural nail art seems to be the old fashion way and with so many nail designs, it’s no fun anymore and to add to this unique nail art designs is the bow nail art. Ladies love the unique and appealing way bow style is being designed on your nails and to keep pace with this trendy nail art, here are 7 bow nail art ideas for 2021.

1. Elegant Maroon, Black And Gold Bow Design

Elegant Maroon, Black And Gold Bow Design
Source: FaceScapes

If you have a flair for fun and drama combined on your nails then this is the nail art for you. This nail art is made with black, maroon and gold then designed with bulk ribbons. This beautiful nail art design is sure to get you excited and fire you up enough to get creative with it.

2. Bling Bow Nail Art Design

Bling Bow Nail Art Design
Source: Design Trends

Blings are the latest must-have nail art design. The bling for the bow might be a little to create yourself at home but a great technician will definitely be able to help you achieve this really cool design.

3. Matte Bow Nail Art

Matte Bow Nail Art
Source: Pinterest

A matte polish with a bow nail art can never go wrong. Every woman loves a matte nail polish for it’s a unique and elegant look. This is a really sophisticated nail art design and it is the perfect nail art design to wear anytime.

4. Black Bow Nail Art

Black Bow Nail Art
Source: Pinterest

This is a simple but exotic nail art that has bow nail art design to new heights. You can get this sassy and fashionable nail art at the comfort of your home, this is a design that can easily be paired with any outfit.

5. Polka Dots Nail Art Design

Polka Dots Nail Art Design
Source: Pinterest

Here is a retro theme nail art design you are sure to love on your fingernails. This nail art design comes with vivid and beautiful appearance and the ribbon designs add more to its unique appeal.

6. Cute Pink Nail With Bow

Cute Pink Nail With Bow
Source: Nail Art

If you like keeping your nail arts simple but delicate then here is another nail art to add to your list this 2021. This nail art has been made attractive by using pink and more pretty by adding a large bow on the ring finger. Adding glitter stone to one hand with white base makes it more lively and fashionable.

7. Thread Bow Nail Art

Thread Bow Nail Art
Source: Fashionre

This has been designed with real thread hence you might need a professional technician to get it done for you. Here is another bow nail art design that is sure going to capture your attention, the effect of using real thread is jaw-dropping.


Designing bows on the finger can be really cute although not easy but the effort is considered worth it. There are a lot’s of techniques that can help you design bow style on your nail art and it depends on your creativity and the right style to inspire you. The trick is practice and for you to stay in trend, above are the perfect bow nail arts to try.